Title Source 360 Tips & Tricks

Learning curves stink. Mastering new technology can be frustrating, but don’t throw your computer out the window yet. Librarians, this one is for you! Let’s take a few minutes to dig deeper into Title Source 360 and learn some new tips and tricks for ordering.


Maximize the accuracy of your search results using the “Advanced Search” feature.

Using the Begins With, Contains, Ends With and Exact refiners will initiate a keyword search and give you more exact search results, saving you precious time.

If you are entering multiple search queries, try using the AND, OR or NOT search terms.

An asterisk (*) is a multiple character wildcard. A question mark is a wildcard that signifies a one-character variable. For example, L?S yields titles containing both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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Case Study – Cleaning Up Your Collection with collectionHQ


North Richland Hills Library in Texas is a single branch system with a large team oflibrarians and selectors. It serves a population of more than 63,000 and collectionHQ, the world’s leading collection management tool, was introduced to the library in 2016 to support evidence based collection management.

The Challenge

Prior to the introduction of collectionHQ, weeding processes at the library had been sporadic with no regular workflow for removal of dead or grubby items. Karen Raborn, Collection Manager at the library shared: “Weeding often happened in spurts. People would be busy with other priorities then there would be a big weeding push. Each department handled weeding differently with different timelines, so it got to the point where our Director recognized the need for a unified approach to collection management and deselection.”

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San Bernardino County Library: “Our Business is Books”

In this day and age, when people aren’t always convinced that they need libraries, we’re busier than ever, and we’re trending up. Part of that is having a reliable vendor that’s going to get us the books, and we’ve found that with Baker & Taylor. The results are better circulation and a real excitement among the staff because now we have the good stuff and a whole lot more customers.

– Leonard Hernandez San Bernardino County Library


Founded in 1913, the San Bernardino County Library system serves a population of two million in the largest county by area in the United States—larger than the four smallest U.S. states combined. Thirty-two branches meet the challenge of serving this large population and enormous geographical area with books, electronic resources, Internet services, and a variety of programs for youth and adults.



Like most California libraries, San Bernardino County Library was hit with extensive budget cuts in 2010 as the shock waves of the financial crash hit county government. The question wasn’t whether the library budget would be slashed—it was where and how to absorb the cuts and still deliver services to customers.

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