Meet Our Cats of 2020!

What better way to say happy new year than to be greeted by our new cat calendar winners that have stolen our hearts. It’s one of the most anticipated times of the year when we release our annual cat calendar, featuring the faces of friendly felines from around the world. And to top it off, some are even library cats! We are excited to formally introduce you to our 2020 cats!



Archie | 4 years old  | Domestic Long Hair

What makes your cat special? I started to bring Archie into the college library with me a few years ago to provide some stress relief during our biannual study event, Cram Jam. He has become quite at home in the library, and can be found walking around visiting staff and students or just hanging out on the counter waiting for pets.

Sarah Kienas, Assiniboine College Library
(Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)



Bumi  |  4 years old  | American or British Shorthair

What makes your cat special? Bumi’s fur feels so soft, you’d think he was part chinchilla.

Heather Robertson, St. Joseph County
Public Library (South Bend, IN)



Simon | 11 years old | Domestic Shorthair

What makes your cat special? He eats his dry food one morsel at a time after removing it with his paw and placing it on the floor.

Terri Herman, Freelance Pet Portrait Artist
(Avella, PA)




Age | 2 years old | American Shorthair

What makes your cat special? Angus is an expert jumper and loves playing catch with his toys. After running through the house, he’ll lounge over the arms of the couch and purr loudly. And he goes crazy for Cheez-Its!

Darlene Fox, Indianapolis Public
Library (Indianapolis, IN)



Manky| 1 year old | Tabby

What makes your cat special? Manky and his brother were found abandoned in my area. I took them in and bottle fed the tiny, emaciated kittens until they were big and strong enough to eat kitten chow.

Cheryl Harlow, Brimfield Public Library
(Brimfield, IL)


Clyde & Felix

Clyde & Felix | 1 year old | Tabby

What makes your cat special? These brothers love a good snuggle on their blanket. They usually get along very well and will often nap together here or in the last place one would expect— their cat bed!

Chris McLaughlin, Commercial Vehicle
Group (New Albany, OH)



Crackers | 6 years old | Domestic Shorthair/Tabby

What makes your cat special? This sweet boy was found outside. He was very thin, missing fur, had a scratched nose and chapped paws. He fit right into our family immediately, and now he has a full, fluffy coat, plump pink paw pads, a scratch-free face and a full belly always!

Mallory Hewlett, Joliet Public Library
(Joliet, IL)



Zo | 3 years old | Tabby

What makes your cat special? He has a special bond with his fur momma, so wherever mom is, Zo is! He gets very worried when Mom is in the shower and gives lots of kisses when he knows she’s okay.

Chloe Papa, Shippensburg Public Library
(Shippensburg, PA)



Tormund | 1 year 9 months old | American Shorthair/Tabby

What makes your cat special? He will go and sit at the door when he needs to go out and use the bathroom. He does this even though he has been litter box trained. He seems to understand a lot and has definitely marked us for his own.

Sandy Williams, Artist (Harrison, AR)



Leland | 8 years old | Siamese Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

What makes your cat special? He takes a while to warm up to new people but once he does he is the most loyal of companions

Grace June, Grace June Imagery
(Spokane, WA)



Linda| 1 year old | Maine Coon Mix

What makes your cat special? Linda loves to cuddle and chirp demands, and bonus: her tail also doubles as a feather duster.

Rebecca Light, Middleton Public Library
(Middleton, WI)



Dinah | 6 years old | American Shorthair

What makes your cat special? When we brought my son home from the hospital, Dinah immediately took to him like he was her own! She is his guardian and is never very far from where he is playing.

Sheri L. L. Bay, Lincoln Library
(Springfield, IL)

And last, but not least, our cover cat…


Opie| 3 years old | Tabby

What makes your cat special? Opie is quite a clown, he is entertaining and loves to play. He gets so excited when he plays that he does somersaults and half gainers.

Maryann Campbell, Lebanon-Laclede County Public Library
Board (Lebanon, MO)


To request a copy of your very own 2020 Cat Calendar, contact your Baker & Taylor Sales Representative! 


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