Milestone Anniversary: Bob Rotello, VP of Public Library Sales

Rotello Web ResBob Rotello, VP of public library sales for Baker & Taylor, wasted no time getting to work after his college graduation. The Monday following his graduation, he started at Baker & Taylor as an accountant. That was forty years ago, and while a lot has changed since, Bob notes one constant: the many great people he gets to work with. Here’s a Q+A with Bob to commemorate his 40th work anniversary!

What do you love about working for Baker & Taylor?

Over the years I have worked with a great bunch of people with a great sense of comradery.

How has the company changed over the years? 

Organizationally the company has changed significantly for the better. When I first started the company was run almost like four separate companies, each facility/warehouse was run as a separate company in competition with each other. Now we have one team, all focused on the same goals. But one constant has been that B&T always seems to attract great people.

What position/department did you originally start out with?

I started with B&T the Monday after my college graduation as a staff accountant in our headquarters office located in New York City. That was back in 1977. Through the years I held various positions. After my entry level accounting position, I was a financial analyst, a manager of customer service at the Somerville facility, Director of Operations at Somerville, and then moved into sales in the late 80’s. I was the NJ, CT and NYC sales representative for all markets – public, school, academic and retail. Then moved through the sales ranks – regional manager, director and finally VP of public library sales.

What is your current position at Baker & Taylor?

Currently I hold the position of Vice President of Public Library Sales. Tremendously enjoy working with my team and love the library market.

What’s next for you?

I have had a great career and owe a lot to Baker & Taylor. I hope to finish out my career at B&T.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My wife (Pat) and I like to travel especially out west. I also have a son, daughter and granddaughter who is almost 2 years old. We frequently go out to Montana where I enjoy skiing, fly fishing and just being outdoors.

Do you prefer a physical book or an ebook? Why?

I enjoy the physical book. I don’t like reading from a screen. Even when I get long emails, I need to print them out to read.

Thanks Bob for your many years of service!


2 thoughts on “Milestone Anniversary: Bob Rotello, VP of Public Library Sales

  1. Nancy Jones

    Congratulations, Bob. I started in Customer Service in 1992 working mostly with libraries. I believe you were already a sales rep at that time. I remember many conversations with you in regards to customer issues. You were an excellent sales rep and very nice to the service reps.
    I retired in 2004 but still keep in touch with many of the wonderful people I worked with there.

    All the best to you on this milestone with B&T and may you enjoy retirement when you decide to take it easy.
    Nancy Jones


  2. Juliette Sobon

    Oh Bob Rotello! I am retired from the Twp. of Washington Public Library, [Bergen Co.], but remember you fondly as an effective B&T rep. as well as a kind person.
    Best to you! Juliette Sobon


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