Resources Built For Librarians: Microsites

Helping libraries thrive is one of our core goals at Baker & Taylor. One way we do that is by providing librarians with countless resources so they can make the best use of their time and resources. We curate lists, create free marketing materials, publish digital catalogs, distribute newsletters and much more. Today, we’re talking about our microsites—essentially a miniature website, built by us, that is focused on a particular genre or theme.


These sites make it easier for librarians to narrow down their searches. Looking to build out your essential backlist titles? We have a site for that. Or maybe you’re hoping to discover new authors. We’ve got you covered there too. We’re constantly updating over 20 microsites, providing librarians like you with fresh material that will simplify collection development.

As a bonus, you’re able to add titles directly to your cart and then, once you’re ready, purchase from Title Source, our trusted ordering platform.

Some of our microsites include…

BBC – This site features the best in British Entertainment with BBC’s most popular series.

Emerging Voices – Take advantage of the growing indie market and check out premier titles from independent authors.

University Presses with AAUP – This specialized microsite celebrates university presses, specifically throughout University Press Week from November 9 to 15. The site features an array of genres and titles, all published by universities.

Solo Español – A site dedicated to presenting an array of books in Spanish across all age and reading levels.

Essential Editions – Rediscover the “Best of the Backlist” with this microsite. The site compiles the best-selling backlist titles in fiction, nonfiction and children’s categories from respected publishers.


TV on DVD – Expand your DVD offering with television series from the 1950s to today on this microsite.

Whisper, Shout, YELL – Here you can discover fresh reads from new voices in the adult fiction, adult nonfiction, middle grade and young adult categories.

Learn more about our free resources for librarians here!


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