Making the Most of B&T’s Marketing Resources

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a librarian take a break. I walk into the library and hear the faint clacking of keyboards, librarians browsing lists of new releases for hours. Around the corner, in the young adult section, another librarian is rattling off a dozen recommendations to a teenage patron. Down the next aisle, I see another librarian filing, looking at every label and gently sliding book after book onto the shelf, spine facing out.

At Baker & Taylor, we know how hard librarians work. As a frequent librarian patron, I see your hard work day after day. As a marketing specialist here at B&T, I give librarians major props and want to help lighten your load. And our marketing resources do just that. —Emma Way, eMarketing Specialist

Digital Catalogs

Let us help you find the best titles and content. With our digital catalogs, each specialized on different topic matters, librarians can focus on collection development through a targeted lens. You can view our catalogs anywhere, on any computer, tablet or smartphone and then purchase products directly from the catalog to Title Source 360. Pick from 20 of our popular catalogs to hone in on anything from international titles to graphic novels to movies. Don’t miss these favorites:

forecast-august2017FORECASTForecast is our monthly publication promoting forthcoming hardcover and paperback book titles. Forecast provides information on future best-sellers and noteworthy mid-list titles, as well as monthly subject collections, so you can make well-informed buying decisions. Check out the latest issue here.

GROWING MINDS – This publication is a comprehensive guide to Baker & Taylor’s juvenile selections featuring titles appropriate for all interest levels, from toddlers through young adults. Published 10 times a year, each issue of Growing Minds contains special collections that cover a variety of subjects of interest. Check out the latest issue here.


STEAM AHEADSTEAM Ahead is a digital publication dedicated to providing valuable information from the publishing community and presenting title offerings that align with and support the STEAM curriculum. STEAM integrates elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to expand how students learn about the world around them. Check out the latest issue here.

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Newsletters are an easy way to get the literary news you need, when you need it. We don’t spam and you choose how often you want to receive emails from us. Choose from a couple dozen programs including…

THE MUSIC MINUTE – A weekly peek at new features on The Green Room website, your online source for all things music related at Baker & .

fastfacts.blogFEATURED TITLES – New and upcoming high-profile titles selected from our publishing partners for you! This one is a little more frequent, sometimes a few a week, but it is well worth it.

FAST FACTS – One of our most popular newsletters, Fast Facts, features the best new releases, New York Times best-sellers, publicity information and more.

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Axis 360 Assets

In this day and age, physical collection development is just half of it. eBooks and audiobooks are growing more and more popular with library patrons, so show off your library’s commitment to providing resources in all mediums—whether on a Kindle or a web-browser or in print. Axis 360, Baker & Taylor’s digital media application, has loads of marketing resources for libraries! All materials, from brochures to social media ads to posters to flyers in Spanish, are conveniently stored here for you to use anytime.


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