Five Things You Need to Know About CLS

Customized Library Services (CLS) from Baker & Taylor does just that—offers comprehensive and customized technical service solutions for libraries across the country and around the globe. Budget opportunities? Resources shifting? Staffing challenges? CLS has you covered.


The quality of our people and our work, and the customization of our solutions are unparalleled. Our more than 400 experienced library professionals and our vast resources—from nationwide warehousing and distribution, to our system and shelf-ready materials workflow, to sophisticated technologies—provide the efficiencies and expertise you need to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Get to know CLS team and the services it offers, and learn more about what they can do for your library in this post!

1. Collection Development

Leveraging our team of professional MLS collection development librarians, we work with libraries to generate detailed collection, subject, and demographic profiles. Our services include one-time and ongoing selection lists, as well as profile-based lists with reviews and annotations.

2. Selection and Acquisition

CLS uses customized selection tools that can simplify the collection development process through to acquisitions. In Title Source 360, you can do a number of tasks that help streamline selecting new titles, like creating required tags within grids for distribution and item level detail or transferring carts through a customized load profile to your ILS acquisitions module. This MARC load profile process allows early access for your patrons and customers to place holds on forthcoming content.

3. Customized Records 

All content comes to the library with a fully edited MARC record customized to the library’s specific profile. Loading customized records has never been easier with MARC records for each shipment placed on FTP server for easy download.

4. Cataloging and Processing 

Material arrives to the branch or to a central location cataloged and processed, system and shelf-ready for immediate circulation. Just another way CLS can free up valuable time for librarians.

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5. Collection Analysis with CHQ


CLS workflow closes the loop by leveraging your invoice content data with our collection development and analytic performance products. Through CollectionHQ, libraries can ensure that resource dollars are spent wisely on content that is relevant to the library’s patrons and customers.


More than 40 years ago, Baker & Taylor set the industry standard in cataloging and technical processing services. As technology and market-forces swiftly evolve, CLS continues to develop progressive and effective services that promote the progress and success of your library. So, no matter the demands of the future, CLS will be there to help you succeed.

To learn more about CLS, head to and learn how we can help your library thrive!


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