Title Source 360: Learn how to better manage your carts!

Title Source 360 is one of the most comprehensive and innovative ordering systems of its kind. That’s great, but with so many functions, there’s also a lot to learn. We’re here to help. Here are some new tips and tricks for managing your Title Source 360 cart:

Set the Quantity for One or More Carts

You can easily set the quantity for one or more carts on the Manage Carts page.


First, select the checkbox next to the associated cart(s). Then select Set Quantities from the Selected Cart Actions drop-down menu and enter the number you wish to assign to all items in the associated cart(s) in the Set all Quantities to field. Note that this change will only apply to non-gridded items, and shared carts will be skipped entirely. Click Set Quantities to confirm your changes.

Easily Remove Titles Not Available for Shipping From Your Cart

To easily remove titles that are not currently available for shipping out of your cart and into a separate cart, first view your cart in Table View by clicking on the table view icon and then clicking on the Not Available for Shipping link under the Refine Your View area, located on the left side of the page when you are viewing a cart.

Only the titles that are not currently available for shipping now display. Select the checkmark next to the word Title to select all items on the page.

Select Move Items to Another Cart from the Item Actions drop-down menu.

The Choose Target Cart pop-up displays. From here, you can move the items to an existing cart, or you can create a new cart by selecting the New Cart button. Click Move Items to remove the items not available for shipping into another cart. Now, all titles within my original cart are available for shipping.

Printing Order Reports

Did you know you can print your cart details from Title Source 360? From the Cart Summary page, click on the Print icon in the top right corner. From there, a new tab will display with title information as well as your notes.


Have any questions about Title Source 360? Post a comment!


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