Meet Relationship Manager Lead, Mary Elliott


Axis 360, our ebook and audiobook mobile platform, has grown tremendously over the past few years, largely in part to our dedicated team of Relationship Managers, or RMs for short. Mary Elliott recently took on a leadership role within the team as RM Team Lead. Learn a little bit more about what Mary does behind the scenes and outside of work with this Q+A with her…


Tell us about your time with Baker & Taylor and your new role on the RM team.

I recently and happily accepted a role as a Relationship Management Team Lead.

I’ve been with Baker & Taylor a little over 4 years, having started as an Axis 360 Relationship Manager. We’ve grown so much, it’s very exciting! When I first came aboard – even when it was just myself and one other RM – I could feel that I was a part of something really big.

Previous to my time at B&T, I worked a lot in both customer retention and marketing, mainly with smaller startup companies. Since Axis 360 was relatively new to B&T when I came aboard, and we needed to launch it as something brand new, I was able to roll up my sleeves and put my scrappy little start up skills to good use!

I tried to help define the RM role and we uncovered a need for a much larger team to help support our growing digital customer base. I am super proud of my new role as Team Lead and grateful to be given the chance to support and represent this amazing team of RMs.

What are you most excited about your new position?

I am most excited about is advocating for the RM team’s needs. I have worked very closely with this team for years now and I know what they need to do their jobs well and to maintain and care for successful Axis 360 customers. I plan to work very closely with each of them and create tools and workflows that make their jobs easier so they can instead focus on the customer. I feel extremely lucky, because each one of them brings something so unique to the table and are very good at what they do. Having worked side by side with these people for so long, I can attest to the impressive level of talent and passion on this team!

Why did you choose to enter the book (and eBook) business?

I’m a tech nerd who also loves great storytelling. So I was natural curious and intrigued by an organization that would merge the two. Once I found out that eBooks could be checked out from the library (Who knew?!), I was interested in working for a company that would facilitate that.

What do you love about working for Baker & Taylor?

The people, the people, the people. And the library industry in general. I am fascinated by how smart and interesting these people are. I love making my English major bookworm sister all jealous when I tell her about the cool librarians I meet and the interesting events I’m invited to attend.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Warning: corny answer ahead. I just love hanging out at home with my family. I used to live for going out and socializing in Charlotte’s nightlife scene and now nine nights out of ten, you’ll find me in PJs on the couch with my husband and son, my baby on my lap, watching House hunters or Catfish. Sad, right? I also love reading, hiking and trying out daunting new recipes too.

What are you currently reading? What do you think about it so far?

I have almost completely paused my regular reading schedule because I’m obsessed with the podcast “My Favorite Murder.”  (Don’t ask.) But I did just recently finish “We Were Liars” and I loved it. I listened to it as an audiobook over a long plane ride and it made the time fly by. Another passenger even busted me, staring at the back of the plane seat ahead of me, headphones in, with silent tears running down my face. Like the weirdo I apparently am.

Where do you see Axis 360 heading five years down the line?

I have seen this product grow in ways I never thought possible in 4 years, so in the next five the sky’s the limit. I am not sure where we will be exactly but I am sure it will be incredible and I am sure I’m going to love the wild ride!


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